What Color is Your Potato?

Fulfilling a long-time goal to have backyard chickens (and more importantly, their eggs), we got ten baby chicks last week. Though I had no confidence in my ability to keep them alive, they’re thriving so far and I’ve even let my kids name them. The problem is, they’re like donuts—you go to Tractor Supply, pick … Continue reading What Color is Your Potato?

Homeschooling—Not for the Faint of Heart

"Faint of heart": Is it a metaphor or a metonym? Or maybe an idiom?  I don’t know, but now I’ve got enough material for my daughter’s next two ELA classes. Even though I’m a writer, I’m no expert in teaching figurative language (fortunately, the Internet is). But that's what homeschooling is all about. It all … Continue reading Homeschooling—Not for the Faint of Heart

DIY Leaf Blower Hovercraft (#Making)

So my daughter wanted a hovercraft. A lot of bad stories start that way, but this one has a happy ending. DIY Hovercraft are easy to build--we made ours in a couple hours from materials lying around our garage, repurposed from gathering wood dust, cobwebs, cat pee, etc. Many sites provide instructions; we followed some from Make … Continue reading DIY Leaf Blower Hovercraft (#Making)

“Some Trump supporters demand #Repealthe19th”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is a real thing. I’m not the only one horrified by #Repealthe19th. It is not something that offends only Democrats, only Hillary supporters, or only women. I recognize that it is not a serious political trend, it’s just in the news precisely because we love to be … Continue reading “Some Trump supporters demand #Repealthe19th”

How to Tell if You are Really a Cat Person

Timber Howligan Secret Agent Cat is a book about saving animals, and I have celebrated that in many ways. When I finished my first draft, I went to the local animal shelter and adopted two cats. They were on sale, real cheap-$1 each! Since then I’ve paid thousands of dollars in vet bills for them, … Continue reading How to Tell if You are Really a Cat Person

The Bad Habits of Good Readers by Carol Jago

Does your child take his time picking out a book, and then even more time getting through it? Is she more than happy to read nothing, rather than a book she doesn't like? This article on Nerdy Book Club made me appreciate the Slow Readers in my family, and made me wonder if my Fast Reading … Continue reading The Bad Habits of Good Readers by Carol Jago