Short Fiction

The dog’s leash went taut, but she reeled him in and clutched his head between floppy, silken ears with articulated joints, like bat’s wings. Art by Luke Spooner, Carrion House

Keep Your Pants On: “The dog’s leash went taut, but she reeled him in and clutched his head between floppy, silken ears with articulated joints, like bat’s wings.”
Art by Luke Spooner, Carrion House


“The Talk”Bewildering Stories (won Order of Merit for 1st Quarter of 2013 in flash fiction category), March 2013

It’s the era of ant-aging, Louise is still raising her near 50-year old daughter in pigtails–as a single parent for half a century now–and, oops, baby brother is on the way. You guessed it. It’s time for…the talk.

“Flying in My Mind”Corvus, May 2013

You’re a vibrant teenage girl who suffers a devastating aneurysm. Somehow, you survive…trapped forever in your mind. The first and likely last story I will ever write in second person, present tense.

“Keep Your Pants On”Mad Scientist Journal, July 2013

A snapshot of academia, from the journal I’ve always wanted to be published by. This one received a comment that absolutely delights me:

Bat Hughes
July 3, 2013 at 12:05 pm
Wonderful–intriguing details, vivid, creepy, weird. This grabbed me and delivered unexpected turns. Chilling, fun and satisfying.

“Everything was Winter”Bewildering Stories, Issue 546, October 2013

“Any season would be bleak for a boy who is very much alone both at home and at school.”


“First Impressions”Lorelei Signal, January 2014

An interstellar voyage, an unexpected calamity, and two cultures collide leaving one young girl as the sole ambassador to a strange new world. An alternative backstory to a well known myth.

In March of 2014 I joined the Review Board of Bewildering Stories, an on-line market devoted to publishing speculative fiction. I love this magazine–whenever I write something so weird I don’t know where else to send it, I know it can find a home at Bewildering Stories. They are true to their name, every time. I owe a huge thanks to the editor, Don Webb, who patiently works with me to help my stories say what I meant them to say, down to the last detail. He also writes intriguing blurbs for every story that goes up on the website.

Confabulators AnonymousBewildering Stories, July 2014

This story is about a writing group, and since I belong to a writing group, this warrants the usual disclosure that none of the characters are based on real people, living or dead, and all events are purely drawn from my imagination, except for the one small kernel that started the story, but I’m allowed that, aren’t I?

Jim is a hard act to follow at a story reading, but Peter has one critic who seems to know where he’s coming from.

The Scientist’s Garden Bewildering Stories, August 2014

Remember, the old saying “You are what you eat” is a warning.

Mrs. Macy JonesBewildering Stories, September 2014

If you really must be a cat at times, you can always blame the dog for anything that goes wrong.

Hungry for LoveBewildering Stories, September 2014

Young Allie would surely agree that zombie stories can sometimes be taken just a little too far.

Lynn the OrdinaryBewildering Stories, October 2014

Young Lynn is groomed for the role of comic-book superheroine. She discovers it can be a lot of fun.



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