Timber Howligan–Secret Agent Cat

There’s an animal smuggling operation going on at the local farm, and Timber Howligan is just the cat to stop it. He’s always wanted to be a real secret agent cat, but since the CIA’s feline espionage program no longer exists, he’ll have to settle for being a pretend one. From what he’s overheard, these animals might be eaten, turned into coats, or worse. He’s not quite sure how, but somehow, he’ll save them—whatever they are.

Then he finds out the spy cat program is alive and well. And his best friend, Lester McMuffin, is in it.

Does Timber finally have a chance to make his dream come true? Will the CIA help his rescue operation? Or has he stuck his nose in the middle of a web of international intrigue…just in time to make every mistake in the book? Timber has one chance to impress the world’s last Covert Animal Handler, save the trapped animals, and make things right with his best friend.

Being a secret agent cat was a lot easier, before it turned into the real thing.

Follow Timber’s blog at www.timberhowligan.com.T-shirt-design



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