I was born in 1973, which makes me part of Generation X, whatever that means. I don’t remember much about the 70’s, except the song “Funky Town” and the corduroy bell bottoms my mother dressed me in for nursery school. I grew up outside of Buffalo, NY, with a wonderful family, the occasional blizzard, a childhood largely spent between books and our back woods, and a lot of cats.

Like most people my age, I was defined by the 80’s. Michael Jackson. Cindi Lauper. Styxx. The Goonies. Leg warmers. Cultural icons that defied explanation, and which evoke unreasonable nostalgia to this day.

I started the 90’s in college and ended in med school. I vaguely remember Hootie and the Blowfish, but most of that decade’s pop culture failed to make an impact. I was busy kayaking and dancing. I had my first job. I almost got married. I adopted two cats.

I spent four years in medical school, four in residency, and one in fellowship, culminating with a career in academic pediatric anesthesiology. Somewhere in there I got married for real, had two kids, and more cats. Then one day in 2011 I woke up with a headache that never went away. That was the end of my medical career, although it took me a while to admit it.

I started writing—often about cats.

Looking back, there are many times at which I also had dogs. I like dogs okay. But not as much as cats.



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    1. Thank you, JF! I’m honored, and will tackle my list of 11 questions as soon as we return from vacation. Answers might be highly skewed by my first amazing experience visiting the American southwest!

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