It’s been over a year since my last blog post (probably this is true, no matter when you’re reading this). Any blog post that begins with an apology for how long it’s been since the previous one is doomed, so–no apologies here. Just the facts, and no excuses.

If I haven’t been blogging, what have I been doing? In the past year, I probably:

  • parented two children through approximately one year of growth each (with a lot of help)
  • fed approximately 1,800 servings of wet food to six cats nightly (probably not with so much help)
  • rode approximately 1,800 miles on my mountain bike (if I was lucky)
  • had a broken tailbone, a concussion, a broken wrist, or some other injury (if I was unlucky)
  • despite the above, trained for and completed a triathlon, rode 50 miles at least once, or did something else that is border-line heroic for a middle-aged athlete (again with the luck)
  • rewrote and edited “Timber Howligan, Agent on the Loose” beginning to end approximately a dozen times, and finally got it to the point where, if I died, I would be willing to let other people read it (and still haven’t finished final formatting, although there’s a chance that I have and have just forgotten to update this post accordingly)
  • through no fault of any of the above, had over a hundred migraines (for one of my better years, and yes I have an excellent neurologist and am on all the latest treatments and have tried absolutely everything, including acupuncture)

More likely than not, at whatever point in time you’re reading this: I learned a thing or three about editing and writing, and have a thing or three left to learn. Likewise for mountain biking. Double that for parenting.

Bright glow-y screens and migraines don’t mix, which is another reason I tend to go analog once I’m done writing for the day. I can’t promise this year will be any better, but eventually there will come a year that has a Timber Howligan book at the end of it! (Official publication date TBA.)

About pain: It’s invisible, but it’s not. If you look closely, you can always see it. So if someone looks like they don’t like you or doesn’t want to be bothered or, for instance, drops off the face of the earth for a year–look again. I’m still here and still writing, however slowly.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t write (here)

  1. It took me a long time to realize that my friends’ moods were not all about me.
    And while I don’t have migraines I try to stay off line as much as possible after I’ve done work. It’s why I rarely do ebooks.
    Oh, and I promoted Timber Howligan to some friends last week.

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