A Writer’s and Parent’s Guide to Surviving December


1. Bake cookies. Not too many. Eat them.

2. Clean house. Decorate house. Watch kids (and cats) play with, mess up, and destroy decorations. Decorate a little more.

3. Protect your writing and “me” time at all costs. Throw this out the window in order to buy and wrap presents. Use the month to “dwell” on your revision instead. Sometimes, time away from a piece is time well spent.

4. Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells. Jingle ALL the way. Your daughter has been singing it all year. Finally, you can sing it with her.

5. Cranky salespeople and weirdos at the mall = potential story ideas.

6. Kids yelling at each other? Watching too much TV? Time for hugs, kisses, cocoa, and Frosty the Snowman. It’s Christmas. Relax, have an eggnog.

7. Catnip in the stockings!

8. No time for writing? Reading is an important part of a writer’s job. Especially in front of a nice warm fireplace.

9. Remember, in gift-giving as well as writing, less is more.

10. It’s most important to be kind to yourself. Model good behavior. Thinking of vacuuming all those tree needles? Pull up an armchair, put on those fuzzy slippers, and have another cookie.

Photo © creator by FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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