Hands-free Mama–Not me (Not YET)


My friend just introduced me to this site, and I’m sharing it immediately. I only wish I spent more time as a “Hands-Free Mama”. No wonder my daughter runs away when I get out my cell phone to snap a picture. Or she says, “I’m the ONLY person in this house who doesn’t OWN a DEVICE!”


Today, though, before I even saw this site, I ate a hands-free lunch. (Not, you know, without a fork or anything.) No, what I mean is, I ate alone at Whole Foods, and just…ate. And watched. It was tempting to get out the iPhone and, you know, have something to do with my other hand (the one not holding the fork). Because I’m used to being that busy. When IS the last time I ate a meal without reading a book or having someone to talk to, without having both eyes, both hands, and my mouth all engaged at the same time?

When is the last time I actually tasted my food?

Today, I noticed the butternut squash risotto was delicious. Salty, but delicious.

There was a woman dressed in a tie-dyed t-shirt dress that ended, swirling around her ankles, in a tie-dyed rainbow. That matched her hair.

There was a guy whose pants were twice as wide as his legs, which weren’t all that thin.

Metallic shoes seem to be making a comeback.

Some tattoos are really, really beautiful.

Pink hats are cool, no matter who you are.

I am going to spend more meals, and more time, hands-free.

Starting now.


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