Is it ready?

I have a confession.

Nope, not pregnant. At my stage in life, that would be an announcement, and also, a miracle (of scheduling, not biology).

No, my confession is this: After a year of writing, I just today, for the first time, realized the answer to a question that has been naggingly, embarrassingly, unproductively plaguing me: How do I know when a piece is REALLY ready to send out?
I’d send a piece. Occasionally it would be accepted. But the rejections came back, as they do, and I’d re-read them, as you do. And I’d go, “Ugh–why didn’t I see that the first time?”

Fix. Re-submit. Repeat.

What changed today?

I looked at a piece I’ve been sitting on for a WHILE. I mean, if it takes me months of coming back to a piece to get it right, why not spare myself all the rejection letters, and just re-visit it every so often? Yes, this has the potential pitfall of leading to the endless revision, never kick your baby out the door syndrome, of which the chronically under-secure (I’m a card-carrying member) are particularly prone.

But I read this piece, and I liked it. I REALLY liked it. I liked it so much, I decided, to heck and high hedge with it, I’m sending it out, and if someone else doesn’t appreciate it, too bad!

What a better attitude to face the day with. (And the potential rejection letter, too.)

Self-esteem–who knew??


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