“The will to finish and a good contract”

A Message From Writer Beware Co-Founder and Chair, Ann Crispin
(Thanks to The Passive Voice for the article)

This is the second time this year I am learning about an acclaimed author through their blog posts, just as they near the end of their life. The first was Scottish science fiction author Iain M. Banks, who died in June from gall bladder cancer. Too late, I discovered his masterful writing, sharp wit, and “Culture” novels. I’m sad that he has left us. I’m partially consoled by millions of his words I have ahead of me to read.

Now, another prolific science fiction writer is leaving us, and yet again, I’m sad. Sad for her friends, family, and loved ones who will mourn her personally. Sad for the community of readers and writers who came to love her through her words.

Ann Crispin leaves another legacy, as co-founder of website “Writer Beware“–an invaluable resource for writers lucky enough to navigate the rocky waters of publishing, agents, and contracts.

“I wish all aspiring writers the will to finish and a good contract.”

As I search for a publishing home for my book (news may be forthcoming…stay tuned), the advice on Writer Beware becomes even more timely. I refuse to count embryonic chickens, but an inch-pebble (not quite a milestone, yet) has been achieved.

One almost-within-reach goal becomes a bittersweet reminder of life’s frailties and perils. Publishing a book is just that–a book. It doesn’t necessarily make you rich or famous. It doesn’t make you immune to bad contracts, pain, or death. (Words may be immortal. People rarely are.)

It doesn’t even make you a writer. Only writing does that. Yesterday, I finished the first draft of my second book. That’s something to be proud of.

A yard-boulder, at least.


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