Are you a novelist, a student, or a shipwreck survivor?

“The Passive Voice” sends me daily updates about the writing world, and this article from the Atlantic hit way too close to home. Like, ow:

“The number of… How-to-Write books, blogs, and software programs has grown so colossally you’d think there is as much demand for new writers in the marketplace as there is for mobile app designers. You’d be wrong.”

Here I am, thinking I’m trying to be a novelist, but the next paragraph made me wonder what kind of writer I really am:

“There have long been three kinds of writers: writers who write for readers (novelists, poets, memoirists, essayists, journalists, etc.); writers who write for other writers (students); and writers who write for themselves (diarists, shipwreck survivors).”

Am I going down with a sinking ship??? Then I remembered: I did write a novel! And despite the odds, I even started a blog!

What drives writers today? Is it the promise of big salaries? No one jumps into a career to lose money, and all indications are that it’s harder to make a buck as an author these days. But an artist craves more. The Atlantic article posits that, in the Internet age, “…The psychic rewards, the seduction of an audience discovering you right now, have never been greater.” So my goal for today is to write something that will seduce my audience. (See previous blog post about writing sex scenes. I told you that would come in handy.)

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