A Day in the Life

Just to prove that there is nothing special or romantic about the life of an aspiring writer…

7:45 Woken up by grumpy husband. “Do you have a migraine? No? Good. Marlon” (one of our non-secret agent cats) “knocked a glass over in the kitchen. I need help.”

7:50 My limbs feel like lead and my eyes barely stay open. This is what happens when I try to wake up before all of my anti-migraine meds are out of my system, and I didn’t remember to take them until about 9 pm last night. They seem to last about 12 hours. I sleep at least 11 hours a day. But I get out of bed.

7:51 By the time I make it to the kitchen, he has everything cleaned up. The kids are dressed and sitting at the table. I don’t have much to contribute so I start asking what cereal they want. When they don’t answer fast enough, HE yells at them. I snap back, because I’M not awake yet. We both realize that neither of us has had our coffee yet.

7:52 Whole family, sitting at the table eating breakfast as normal. Really, this is kind of our normal day. My husband works from home and is an absolute saint–he was before my chronic migraines came on, but especially now. You’d think that being home on disability I’d be more available to my kids than I was working 40-50 hours a week at the hospital, but really, no. Having migraine headaches ALL THE TIME does not leave you much time for socializing.

8:10 Husband and kids out the door, I’m back in bed, collapsing into semi-drugged sleep until, like a switch, everything wears off and I can finally open my eyes again at 9 o’clock. That is the price I pay, but it is better than being up half the night in pain, which I have spent months and months doing also.

9:30-10:00 Conversation with husband about…? Library book renewals? Kids? Something mundane. OK, maybe I wasn’t that awake.

10:00-12:00 Drive to school: Helping out in son’s classroom with end-of-year projects and such.

12:00-12:15 Lunch (leftovers)

12:15-2:45 BLESSED PROTECTED WRITING TIME!!!!! I worked on Timber Howligan Book 2 (Still need a title, but I’ve got a synopsis and five rockin’ chapters). My goal has been one chapter a day. Things went slower, only got 500 words, but got Lester and Pfizz through a pivotal plot scene and introduced at least one new major character. At this point, I’ll slow down and do some character sketches for the villains and minor characters next, now that I know who they are (or are going to be) so they can start having some fun.

2:45-3:30 Back to school to pick up kids

3:30 Kids doing Legos, Minecraft. I’m letting them, so I can do this. With any luck, I’ll get another 1,000 words in before bed tonight (mine, not theirs, although the times are converging).


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